Apple looking to hire a ‘Lyrics Curation Manager’

Apple is looking to hire a “Lyrics Curation Manager” for Apple Music, reports Music Business World. According to the job listing, the company is looking for a manager to lead a team of lyrics curators “with excellent writing skills, music knowledge, and attention to detail.”

Here’s the job summary: “The Content Curation team is responsible for maintaining the very best user experience possible around content.  We are responsible for filtering out the content our users don't want, organizing the content they do want so it's easy to find, and fixing, or sending back to our partners to fix when appropriate, anything that doesn't match our style guide, resulting in immaculate media and metadata.  We're data driven and automation minded.”

The Apple Music update -- coming this fall -- will include a redesign and lyrics. Music Business World says that “rather than deploying a third-party to license and/or transcribe lyrics,” Apple is apparently “taking both tasks on itself.”