Sensor Tower: Apple’s App Store will hit five million apps by 2020

New data from Sensor Tower, a mobile app store marketing intelligence firm, predicts that the Apple App Store will be home to more than five million active apps by the end of 2020, more than double its current size.

There were just over 5,000 active apps on the App Store worldwide at the end of 2008, a figure that grew to 1.75 million seven years later at the end of 2015. With just over two million active apps on the store worldwide as of this writing, Sensor Tower projects that this figure will grow to 2.93 million by the end of 2016.

According to their projections, the App Store will add an additional 2.13 million apps over the next four years to contain 5.06 million active apps by the end of and growing by 73% over where the research group estimates it will be at the end of this year.