My two cents: USB-C won’t be added to the MacBook Air, because the Air is going away

DigiTimes is reporting that the USB Type-C interface that debuted with the 12-inch MacBook will be added to the MacBook Air. I think the publication is wrong; here’s why.

I’m predicting the MacBook Air has reached the end of its life. I think it will be discontinued, and Apple will simply offer the MacBook (for consumers) and the MacBook Pro (for, well, professionals). What’s more, I think Apple will offer a “low end” 11-inch MacBook for $999 while increasing the 12-inch model’s screen to 13 inches, while maintaining the same price point. 

I expect the MacBook Pro will continue to be offered in 13-inch and 15-inch models. Finally, I expect that we’ll see new Mac laptops in late August — unless Apple decides to delay the release until November, so that the notebooks can sport the latest Kaby Lake-S processors from Intel.