Apple has apparently acquired Omnifone, a cloud-based music provider

Apple has apparently scooped up Omnifone, a cloud-based music provider in a deal worth $10 million, according to Omnifone is the company behind MusicStation, a cloud-based global media platform that provides back-end solutions for digital music services.

Omnifone claims to be the only independent music platform provider with a footprint in 45 countries across five continents. The company’s website says it’s delivered global deals with all major labels, hundreds of independents "and all the relevant publishers and collection societies." Omnifone has — or, rather, had — had partnerships with companies like Sony, Samsung, Vodafone, and PonoMusic. Samsung, for instance, used Omnifone's technology for Milk Music. 

However, the company declared bankruptcy in May after losing Sony and Blackberry as clients. Strangely, as MacRumors notes, “It's not clear why Apple would want Omnifone, given that its own streaming service — Apple Music — is over a year old and fairly well-established.” And, apparently, Apple didn’t purchase Omnifone’s patent portfolio.

Earlier this month, Music Ally hinted that Omnifone's tech business and assets had been purchased by a mystery buyer for $10 million. If MacRumors is right, that buyer is Apple.