AWT News Update: July 18, 2016

Image of submerged and recovered Apple Watch from

Image of submerged and recovered Apple Watch from

It's Monday again, and we have a few fun stories for you today:

  • A new set of highly-suspect photos show three models of iPhone 7
  • Apple is allegedly snubbing Samsung for manufacturing the future A10 and A11 systems on a chip
  • Honolulu and Kansas City are added to the list of cities with full transit directions in Apple Maps
  • Think that Apple Watch isn't waterproof? Think again!

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Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for July 18, 2016.

Happy Monday! Of course, it’s been a few days since you got your fill of iPhone rumors, so let’s get set with some new ones. Another French website — this time instead of — is showing photos that were shared on Chinese social network Weibo allegedly showing three different models of the iPhone 7. There’s the iPhone 7, which is quite similar to the iPhone 6s Plus in appearance except without a headphone jack, the iPhone 7 Plus that’s similar to the iPhone 6s Plus, and then an iPhone 7 Pro with a dual camera setup and Smart Connector. What’s interesting about this rumor is that initially there was talk of three different models of iPhone coming this fall, and this would seem to verify that, except that most pundits feel that the iPhone 7 Plus will actually be the iPhone 7 Pro seen in these images, complete with the Smart Connector and dual camera. Oh, and these photos? All of them show an “S” on the back, so take the entire thing with a grain of salt as usual.

Another rumor says that Apple is snubbing Samsung for the A10 processor that will be used in the upcoming iPhone 7 line and for the A11 processor in the 2017 iPhone models. The lucky winner in these manufacturing deals is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC, which has previously shared chip fabrication duties with Samsung.

Two more cities now have transit directions in Apple Maps. Those are Honolulu, Hawaii and Kansas City, Missouri. If you live in either of those two cities, it may take a few days for you to get the notification on your Mac that tells you that Maps will now give you detailed transit directions as an option for traveling between two points.

Allegedly, the Apple Watch is not waterproof — just water resistant. But you might want to talk to a Reddit user by the name of “UnilateralWithdrawal” or just plain “Al”, who had a little accident six weeks ago. He was pulling a boat our of Lake St. Clair when a davit hoist hit his watch and pulled it off of his wrist. The water where it was sitting was about seven feet deep and he had neither the time nor the equipment to retrieve the watch. Six weeks later, he was at the lake again, this time with his son who had brought along diving gear. The son found the watch, and after retrieving it, Al cleaned it off. Al said that “I cleaned it off with lots of cloths, paper towels, and Lysol towels. The finish had disappeared. The band was pitted where algae grew. It looked steam punk with oxidation and discoloration. I had nothing to lose, so I threw it on the charger. Immediately the charge indication came up. I knew I would have to get a bit of charge to be able to test the functionality, so an hour later the watch face, mechanical switch, haptic, and crown all were verified. The rarely used mic and speaker did not.” The watch definitely looks like an antique now, but it still works…mostly.

That’s all for today; We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.