AWT News Update: July 14, 2016

Photo of T-Mobile CEO John Legere via

Photo of T-Mobile CEO John Legere via

In today's Apple and industry news:

  • T-Mobile is offering free data for a year for the Pokémon Go app for its customers
  • Eddy Cue spills the beans on original content to The Hollywood Reporter
  • Apple will open a small research center in Grenoble, France for the purpose of improving imaging technology

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Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for July 14, 2016.

Leave it to T-Mobile CEO and head pitchman John Legere to take advantage of a current gaming phenomenon as a way to bring more people over to the magenta network. The carrier often does Tuesday giveaways, and starting next week, T-Mobile will be offering its customers free unlimited data on Pokémon Go. Any data you happen to consume while out searching for Pokémon will be absolutely free for a year. The other goodies being provided should keep you happy during your gaming adventures — they’re also offering a free Lyft ride to a nearby Pokémon as long as the ride has a value of $15 or less, you can get a free Wendy’s Frosty to cool off with, and they’re taking up to 50% off of accessories. T-Mo is also offering 250 of its customers $100 each in free PokéCoins, which are used in the game to buy items like lures, Poké Balls, incense, and other goodies. If you or your kids are chewing up gigabytes playing Pokémon, this might be the time to switch to T-Mobile.

Kill all of the rumors about Apple buying a studio or launching its own streaming TV network. Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services denied reports suggesting that Apple was pivoting toward original content in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Cue noted that Apple wants to focus on ideas that complement Apple Music, and that the company is “not trying to compete with Netflix or compete with Comcast.” Cue suggested that Apple’s strategy is to work with as many content providers as possible and allow end users to “consume content in a much better way.” Saying that it’s not Apple’s goal to replace the cable box, Cue also asserted that the Apple TV is “a lot better than a cable box” and offers much more interactivity. Cue probably won’t make any friends or repaired damaged relationships with the cable and satellite carriers, as he noted that most cable box and satellite technology is “nothing more than a glorified VCR” and that consumers don’t feel like they’re “getting their money’s worth” the way that content is delivered to them.

Apple will be building a new research center in Grenoble, France to focus on improving imaging technology. The goal is likely to create better cameras for future iPhones and other devices, and the center will employ about 30 people. Why Grenoble? Apple has an ongoing partnership with STMicroelectronics, a company that supplies components for Apple devices including gyroscopes for detecting movement in the iPhone, iPad and Apple Pencil. Gyroscopes are used to compensate for movement while photos and videos are being captured, and are also key to stitching together panoramas shot with iPhones.

That’s all for today; We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.