This is National Ice Cream Month; celebrate accordingly

July is National Ice Cream Month. Since I’m an ice cream connoisseur, I love learning about my favorite dessert and finding online recipes (I make my own ice cream), so here are some apps worth checking out.

For Mac OS X:

Super Ice Cream Maker (99 cents) is filled with ice cream recipes and packed with graphics. You can pick from a large selection of ice creams, learn how to decorate your creation with springs and more.

Ice-Cream Mania ($1.99) is a game in which you manage your own ice cream stand and work to become an ice cream tycoon. 

Ice Cream Uncle mini (free, though it does tout in-app purchases) is a game in which you smell ice cream on the streets. You experience what it’s like to sell the frozen dessert on the streets of Singapore.

For iOS devices

Ice Cream — The Yummy Ice Cream Game (free, but with in-app purchases) is a game in which you own an ice cream stand. Your job is to prepare the most intricate ice cream cones in record time.

Ice Cream! by Bluebeard (free, but with in-app purchases) teaches you how to make your own frozen desserts. You can make and choose from three totally different ice cream making processes: “Scooped Ice Cream,” “Soft Serve Ice Cream,” and “Ice Cream Sundaes.”

Ice Cream Jump (free, but with in-app purchases) is a game in which you play as an ice cream scoop who “dreams of soaring through the skies.” You bounce from platform to platform, dodge flies, and grab everything you can to get the highest score.

By the way, Ice Cream Month was established in 1984 by the American Dairy association in conjunction with President Ronald Reagan and Walter Dee Huddleston, a Senator from Kentucky. The dessert is enjoyed by over 90% of folks in the good ol’ US of A.