AWT News Update: June 8, 2016

This is kind of a slow news week for Apple, in anticipation of the big news that we'll hear next week. But here are a few stories to keep you occupied!

  • The US Department of Transportation is looking at releasing new guidelines for the adoption of self-driving cars in order to speed up delivery of such technology
  • TapTapTap's amazing Camera+ app just got upgraded to version 8, and it features technology that's not even available on high-end DSLRs
  • If you haven't paid attention to Slack lately, you might not notice that it now supports voice calling

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for June 8, 2016.

If Apple is considering marketing a self-driving car, the US Department of Transportation will be coming out with new guidelines for such vehicles in the next month with the goal of speeding up the process of deploying self-driving technology. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief Mark RoseKind told an industry conference in Detroit that regulations need to evolve faster, and said that the self-driving systems don’t have to be perfect to be authorized. The NHTSA is proposing that they’re just at least twice as good as human-operated vehicles. That would cut down on the annual number of highway deaths in the USA, which RoseKind said is like “a 747 crashing every week”.

Fans of the Camera+ app for iPhone and Apple Watch are going to love today’s update to version 8. The new version adds slow shutter speeds up to 30 seconds long, making it possible for the iPhone to do things like take night shots. The app also adds support for ultra-low ISO levels, allowing iPhone 6 and 6s owners to actually see a preview of what the extended shutter speeds and low ISO settings will result in. That’s something that DSLR cameras don’t even do. The app also lets you take your latest iPhone Camera app shots and import them right into the Lightbox for editing. A new Action Extension lets photos or art be sent directly to the Camera+ Lightbox from the share sheet of most apps, and there’s more we can’t list here. This is a free update for existing users, and the app can be purchased for just $2.99 — I’ve used it for many years, and it really is the best camera app for the iPhone. There’s a link in the show notes.

Here at Apple World Today, we run our business on Slack, and our Team AWT Patrons even have access to a special Slack chatroom. We recently noticed that the Slack app is now providing voice calls to anyone in a chatroom - one-to-one calls are available for all Slack teams, while group conference calls are only available for those who are subscribers to Slack’s Standard or above plans. Making a call is as easy as clicking the phone icon in the upper right of the channel header on the Mac. On the iOS versions of Slack, tap a “Start a Call” link in the channel or in a Direct Message drop down menu. Slack says that in the future, additional features like video calling and screen sharing will be added.

We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.