Daily Deal: Nifty Minidrive for MacBook Pro and Air at 15% off


Need more storage for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Or do you just want to be able to do an immediate Time Machine backup of your most important data without the hassle of carrying around a separate backup drive? The Nifty Minidrive for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air ($33.99) comes with just a 4GB microSD card installed, but you can add any size -- up to 128GB -- to this great little adapter to create a virtually invisible "external" drive for your MacBook Pro or Air. 

I used the Nifty Minidrive in a 13-inch MacBook Pro a while back, and found it to be one of the most useful tools I've ever purchased for a laptop. I only installed a 64GB microSD drive in it, but considering that the computer had just a 256GB SSD internally, that was like adding 25% more storage to the MacBook Pro. I used it to back up my most important files automatically, and it worked flawlessly. 

The Nifty Minidrive started as a very successful Kickstarter project and has since been imitated by a number of other companies. Get the original for just $33.99, pop in your own 128GB microSD card (you can buy one for as little as $30), and you've got a silent, fast, and practically invisible backup drive. Get one today at a 15% discount and help support Apple World Today at the same time.