Daily Deal: Pre-order the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course for just $29


Apple's latest mobile operating system won't be here until September or so, but it's already generating a lot of excitement with developers who want to take advantage of its new APIs to create more powerful and easy-to-use apps. For a limited time, pre-order The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course for just $29 from the Apple World Today Deals Shop and get The Complete iOS 9 Hacker Training Course as well. 

The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course will normally sell for $499 if you purchase it directly from the trainers at Mammoth Interactive, and The Complete iOS 9 Hacker Training Course weighs in at $999. Altogether, the package is worth $1,498 -- but they want to pre-sell the iOS 10 to get the word out and slashed the price to $29. 

Order now and you'll receive an email when the course is ready. You'll be able to: 

  • Master iOS 10 development w/ 80 hours of content
  • Learn the basics of coding in Swift & building apps in iOS 10
  • Work w/ iOS 10's new facial recognition capability
  • Use SiriKit to build apps that function better w/ Siri
  • Optimize iOS 10's significantly improved artificial intelligence
  • Build games w/ SpriteKit Games
  • Develop apps for TVOS, iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch

While you wait for the iOS 10 training, sharpen your skills with The Complete iOS 9 Hacker Training Course and you'll: 

  • Create pro-quality apps for iOS 9 w/ 90 hours of course content
  • Build 100 apps from scratch w/ Xcode 7
  • Create apps step by step
  • Master Swift 2 & Xcode 7
  • Discover the secrets behind apps like Tinder, Instagram & Uber
  • Utilize watchOS 2 to create impressive apps for Apple Watch
  • Create better quality games w/ complex rules using SpriteKit's latest advancements
  • Optimize the user experience & design

This course has 882 lessons and over 90 hours of content.  

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