AWT News Update: June 22, 2016

Today's Apple World Today News Update features a few stories about your favorite consumer electronics company:

  • Dropbox adds a document scanner and other new features today, upping the utility of the cloud storage service
  • Traveling to Dubai's International Airport soon? Visit the two new Apple shops!
  • Google has launched Touch ID sign-on via iPhone and iPad, using the devices and Touch ID as a second step in the company's 2-step verification setup
  • Your KFC in Mumbai or Delhi might come with a side of cables and battery packs

The text version of this podcast can be viewed below.

Text Version

Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for June 22, 2016.

Dropbox users will be happy to find out that the cloud service has added new capabilities today, including an iOS app update that lets users scan text-based documents and convert them to files. From within the Dropbox app, a new button lets users scan documents and organize them, and Dropbox Business users can even search inside scans. Users can automatically create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files from the app that are saved immediately to Dropbox. The file sharing process is also going to be easier for Mac and PC users. Users can now right-click any folder or file in the Finder or Windows Explorer, then share from the desktop without having to redirect to the web or copy a link to email. Comments can be added to any part of a file, providing feedback to collaborators. All in all the new features are pretty incredible, and there’s one more reason to give up that Evernote account you’re not using.

Are you flying through the amazing Dubai International Airport soon? If you happen to be going to Terminal 3, you can pop over to Dubai Duty Free and visit two new Apple shops that have been set up. The shops are in spaces next to gates B15 and A12 in the airport’s new Concourse B, and are 86 square meters (about 925 square feet) and 70 square meters (750 square feet) in size. While diminutive in size compared to most Apple Stores, the new shops offer a surprising range Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBooks, Apple TV, and accessories. Colm McLoughlin, the executive vice-chairman and CEO of Dubai Duty Free, says he believes that Apple sales at the two stores will be about $61 million for 2016.

This is pretty cool: Google has launched Touch ID sign-in via iPhone and iPad, meaning that you can now use Touch ID on those devices to sign into your Google account via 2-step verification. Normally, you enter your username and password, then receive a verification code via email,text message, or Google Authenticator that you need to enter in. Now Google added a new “Google Prompt” setting to the 2-step verification settings. Turn that on for your second step, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re ready to roll.

Apple fans in Delhi and Mumbai have a unique food deal from KFC India that’s probably already sold out. You can purchase your Kentucky Fried Chicken in a “Watt A Box”, which has a compartment for the food, a built-in 6,100 mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack that is yours for the taking, a USB cable, and an Apple Lightning cable. It’s a limited edition, and only available in a week-long contest that’s being run on KFC India’s Facebook page.

That’s all for today; We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.