Effect Stack makes it easy to edit images non-destructively

By Aaron Lee

Sinisa Drpa's Effect Stack is an $9.99 flexible, non-destructive image editor for macOS (10.9 or later) that allows you to easily chain multiple image filters together. And it supports all image formats supported by the operating system, including RAW images.

Effect Stack has a built-in media browser which lets you instantly browse and import photos from Photos and the no-longer-with-us Aperture and iPhoto libraries. The tool — available at the Mac App Store —  offers a choice of a variety of filters that can be stacked together and saved as pre-sets that can be re-used. The filters' effects ripple downward through the stack, changing the current stack of the selected image or images — all without harming the original data.

A filter can be previewed and adjusted before adding it to the chain. All actions are reversible, user can temporarily turn off a filter or discard it entirely. It is possible to work on multiple images at once and the application supports all the image formats supported by Mac OS, including RAW images. The results are easily shared via message, email, Facebook or Twitter or exported to disk.

Effect Stack's changes are reversible and visible immediately. The app — available at the Mac App Store — has Retina display support and provides GPU-accelerated, real-time rendering.

Not everyone needs the features that Effect Stack provides. But if you do a lot of image filtering, the software allows you to do it quickly and effectively and at a reasonable price.