The Pay What You Want: Spring 2016 Mac Bundle

Have you ever wished you could get a pile of Mac productivity apps and utilities, but just pay what you want for the package? Dream no more -- the Pay What You Want: Spring 2016 Mac Bundle in our Deals Shop is exactly what you were imagining. 

Here's how it works: you pick what you think is a fair price for the bundle, and you get something from a variety of 13 Mac apps. If you beat the average price (at the time this post was written it was $15.48), you get all 13 apps. Make your price higher than the rest, and if you get onto the leaderboard at any point in the next five days you'll be entered to win a $1000 iTunes Gift Card. Make it to the top of the leaderboard, you get five entries into the iTunes Gift Card Giveaway.

You're also doing good by purchasing the bundle: 10 percent of all proceeds go to Save the Children, and the bundle has currently raised over $4,600. So, what are the apps in the bundle?

  • Flux 6 -- Powerful WYSIWYG editor for web development, a $99 value
  • Hands Off! -- Controls access of web apps to your network and disks, a $49.99 value
  • AfterShot Pro 2 -- An all-in-one RAW converter, file editor, and high-speed photo manager, worth $79.99
  • Screens 3 -- A user-friendly VNC for remote controlling other computers, normally $29.99
  • Owlet -- Turn 3D models into photorealistic images, a $499 value!
  • FoldersSynchronizer 4 -- Sync and back up files, folders and disks, usually $40
  • Pomodoro Time Pro -- Awesome time management tool, worth $4.99
  • iClip -- Organize and access clipboard data, a $14.99 value
  • FilePane -- A power tool for Mac drag-and-drop, regularly $4.99 
  • AllMyMusic -- Record audio from streaming music sites, usually $29
  • Marked 2 -- Brett Terpstra's amazing tool for viewing text or Markdown files as you work, a $13.99 value
  • skEdit 4 -- A powerful text editor for HTML, Ruby, and more, worth $29.99
  • Emulsion App -- A flexible photo librarian and editor, normally $49.99

The bundle's only available for five more days, so act as quickly as possible to get all of the apps and help out Save the Children. It's in the Apple World Today Deals Shop now!