Global Delight’s new screen capture tool is Captivating

There are lots of good screen capture tools for the Mac — Voila! and ScreenFloat among them. Global Delight has entered the fray with Capto, which allows you to make quick images and videos from onscreen content and edit them.

I’ll probably use Capto more often for screen grabs for product reviews such as this one (ironically, I could never get the tool to take a picture of its own interface). However, Global Delight is obviously targeting the app toward those who need to capture video. The video tutorials at the product website are mostly concerned with capturing and editing video with only a handful dealing with still images.

So let’s look at moving images first. Cato records in HD at 60 FPS; you can record an entire screen or just part of the screen. If you’re making a video tutorial, you can show or hide the cursor as needed. One really nice touch: you can record your iPhone or iPad’s screen by hooking up your iOS device to your Mac.

You can even set a pre-defined screen recording duration in advance. Along with audio recording, this comes in handy when you need to record something important for a predetermined amount of time.

Did I say audio recording? Yes, I did. Capto records your Mac’s audio or your voice during screen recordings. This is essential when recording tutorials.

After capturing, you can edit your video immediately. This isn’t Final Cut Pro X or even iMovie, however. There’s a single editing timeline, though you can add details like arrows, spotlight, text, blur, and more. Capto also lets you crop (and set the results to the desired resolution), trim, cut, and import outside clips, as well as those who grab from your screen. You can join separate clips into one. 


Capto includes several editing options for beefing up and annotating screenshots. You can add text, callouts, annotations and more. You can tweak color and stroke properties. And you can set a timed screenshot.

The app also lets you file and store captured images and videos via a “smart organizer” that’s directed by an intelligent folder system. All captured images and videos are sorted according to the parameters that you set up when you create customizable folders to store your data. You can search your screenshots and screen recordings via Capto’s tag system. Add tags and use ‘em to search your captures. The tags even remain if you export them for use on a systemwide level, which is pretty cool.

To share your captures, just set up your accounts once, and Capto uploads them to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. at the click of a button. You can upload captures to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc. from right within Capto (iCloud support would be nice - hint, hint). You can also share them by email or simply drag-and-drop them onto the desktop or into other apps.

If you use FTP or SFTP servers for storing your work, Capto gives you an option to upload your captures to a specific folder. The URL structure can also be defined so that once a file is uploaded to a pre-defined path, you get the URL for the same.

Obviously, with all these features, it takes a while to learn the intricacies of Capto. And here’s the rub: the app’s help system wasn’t always helpful. I looked for info about changing the resolution of an image, but found nothing. As best as I can tell, you can do this only when you export the image.

Also, Capto doesn't want you to change its screen size. You can only alter the onscreen display a little by “grabbing” the sides or corners and pulling them. This is a bit of a pain as the Global Delight app tends to take up A LOT of screen real estate even when it’s not in full screen mode. 

These complaints aside, Capto is an impressive version 1.0 release. It’s feature packed and fast on its feet. It’s become my go-to utility for screen and video captures.

Capto works with Mac OS X 10.10.5 and higher and costs $29.99. It’s available at the Global Delight webstore and the Mac App Store. Students and educators can receive a special discounted price of $19.99. There is also an upgrade program for Voila and Boom 2 customers who can receive up to 50% off on the Global Delight store. A 15-day demo is available for download, so you can give Capto a try before shelling out your money.