Elgato Eve Energy: Keeping tabs on energy use with Apple HomeKit and this week’s AWT sponsor

Our sponsor of Apple World Today this week is Elgato Eve Energy.

We’re all concerned about our energy consumption, and being able to switch power-consuming devices on and off with a simple Siri command is one way to keep electrical usage under control. But Eve Energy goes one step beyond that, providing information on just how much energy each connected device is using.

Through Apple’s HomeKit framework, Eve Energy easily connects to your iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth Smart. There’s no need for a expensive and quickly-outdated hub; just plug Eve Energy into an outlet, plug in your lamp or appliance, and set up the device in the Eve app. 

Now turn your lights or appliances on and off with a quick command to Siri, and if you have an Apple TV, use it as a gateway to control your energy usage from anywhere through the Eve app. That app also gives you insights into how much energy your Eve-attached devices are using through attractive and easy-to-understand graphs. 

Unlike some competing home automation solutions, Eve Energy’s use of Apple HomeKit provides advanced security through end-to-end encryption from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to each Eve device. The free Eve app controls and monitors the complete range of available Eve devices, and can also control other HomeKit-compatible products.

Apple World Today is proud to have Elgato Eve Energy as this week’s sponsor. Be sure to see how Eve Energy can help you control your home, your energy consumption and your life. 

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