Kanex’s GoPower USB-C is a portable battery for the MacBook

Kanex’s new, $99.95 GoPower is a USB-C portable battery Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. The 15,000 mAh portable rechargeable battery is capable of delivering one full charge to the USB-C laptop and multiple charges to tablets, smartphones, and other USB devices, all on the go, according to Andrew Truong of Kanex.

The GoPower USB-C’s output is 5V at 3Amps, and its USB output is 5V at 2.4Amps. It comes in a slim design, aluminum body and built-in circuit protection and smart charging technology.

LED indicators show the power level of the Kanex portable battery. When it finally comes time to recharge, simply plug the included USB-IF Certified USB-C cable into the battery pack's input port then to a USB-C power source. A USB-C to USB charging cable is also included, giving users the option to charge via a standard USB power source as well.