Deal of the Day: Bitfountain iOS Coding Mastery Bundle


Have an idea for the killer iOS app, the one that everyone will want to buy? Maybe it's time to learn how to develop iOS apps. Bitfountain's iOS Coding Mastery Bundle provides 104 hours of highly-rated iOS development training, and the Apple World Today Deals Shop has the bundle on sale for just $40! 

You'll get these seven great courses as part of the deal: 

  • The Bitfountain Immersive iOS 9 Development Course
  • The Bitfountain Immersive iOS 9 Design Course
  • The Bitfountain Core Data Immersive Course
  • Advanced iOS from Bitfountain: Create a WhatsApp Clone
  • The Bitfountain Auto Layout Immersive Course
  • The Bitfountain Guide to Submitting to the Apple Store
  • The Bitfountain iOS 8 with Swift Immersive

Your instructor for six of the courses is Eliot Arntz, who teaches iOS developent and leads coding boot camps in the NYC area. Upon purchasing the bundle, you'll get immediate access to the training so you can get started on your new career as a developer.

Whether you're a first-time developer or just want to hone your skills in iOS development, the Bitfountain iOS Coding Master Bundle is a bargain you'll want to take advantage of.