I’m sick and tired of the latest round of ‘Apple is doomed’ articles

Give me a break. Look at some of the fear-mongering headlines over the past few days: “2016: Make or break for Apple,” “Apple Investors Worry That Glory Days Are Over,” “Is Apple’s Streak Over?,”  "The end of iPhone's glory days?," and "Is Apple's innovation pipeline drying up?'

Did Apple have a disappointing second fiscal quarter? Yes. Is that any indication of doom or a lack of innovation? No, of course not.

Apple reported net income of $10.5 billion in 90 days. $10.5 BILLION. With a “b,” not a “m.” How any companies are doing that consistently. Looking back at 2014, the year between releases for Apple's product line had a similar result with revenue of $45.6 billion and a net profit of $10.2 billion.

Apple's diluted per share profit in 2014 was $1.66 whereas in 2016 it was $1.90. As research analyst Tom Dorsey notes in a Seeking Alpha article, when we compare years between product releases Apple showed an improvement in profit per share.

Apple is doing just fine, thank you. And to expect the company (or any company) to products a new revolutionary product every year is just ludicrous.