Driving around the Apple Car theory

Speculation is raging that Apple will enter the automotive market with the Apple Car. Maybe so, but I think there’s a chance that it’s not going to happen — at least in the way many folks expect. However, you will see an ever-increasing Apple influence in automobiles.

In fact, a Slashdot article from way back in 2012 (yep, these Apple Car theories have been driving around for a long time) opines that Apple’s revolution should be IN your car instead of the company making its own automobiles. The article looked at the "sorry state" of car makers' stereo and navigation systems and concluded: 

"It's clear that most of the auto companies that offer more than a car stereo want to lock you into their interface and services -- as awful as they are. The rest don't care. The aftermarket stereo and nav systems are no better. Stuffed with even more buttons and light-show gewgaws, they're sure to keep your eyes off the road and may not work easily with your stuff. Add to that mix the split focus of also having to use a separate GPS unit in most vehicles, and you have to wonder what keeps our roads so relatively safe.' The answer in one word: iCar [Dennis’ note: yep, this was what the rumored vehicle was dubbed for a long time]. This is just the sort of broken market that Apple specializes in taking over."

Apple may indeed start making its own vehicles. However, that’s an awfully big and expensive undertaking, even for the world's most influential, successful company. It could easily consume the company’s resources and overwhelm work done on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, OS X, iOS, etc. 

What if, instead, Apple stung off a design business to help auto companies. Or what if Apple invested in a company such as Zaptera -- which has a three-wheel, two-passenger prototype that aims for 300 miles per gallon -- to truly shake up the auto industry? 

(Note: I’m not sure that Zaptera is still around; I haven’t heard anything from the company since 2013. I’m simply using it as an example of what Applel MIGHT do.)

Pictured above is the Jonway Group's prototype version of the Aptera 2e, spied by Gizmag at Auto Shanghai 2013 .