AluFrame is an elegant shield case for the iPhone 6/6s Plus -- with one issue

The AluFrame from Just Mobile is an elegant aluminum shield case for the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus. It protects the Apple smartphone from damage without hiding its design. 

The AluFrame also boasts a rubber inner lining to protect the iPhone's own aluminum bezel. It's easy to install. Fit the Apple smartphone in the piece that protects the bottom and right edges. Rotate the other arm around and snap the two segments together. To remove, just press the top of the catch mechanism and pull. Once the AluFrame is installed, you still have access to all your iPhone's ports and buttons.

The AluFrame comes with a screen protector, as well as a film to protect the back of the iPhone. As always, when using a "peel and apply" screen protector, I had a devil of a time getting rid of the air bubbles. But perhaps you're more talented than I.

My one complaint: though the Just Mobile case's interior is lined with silicone to help protect the antenna band from metal-on-metal contact, I did notice a slight degradation in the wireless signal with it installed. Very slight, but noticeable. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on your location and wireless provider.

The AluFrame costs $39.95 for the iPhone 6 model and $44.95 for the iPhone 6 Plus. As with all of Just Mobile's products, it's sleek and elegant.