iPhones SE sales have been slow — unless they haven’t

The iPhone SE is a bust. Or perhaps it’s a modest hit. Depends on whom you believe.

iPhone SE sales have been slow, according to an analysis of Apteligent data. Adoption is at 0.14%, which is “very lackluster compared to previous iPhone launches,” according to the app intelligence platform.

Sales of the recently released iPhone SE have been highest in the U.S., dramatically higher than sales in the rest of the world. According to Apteligent, sales in the U.S. were 6x higher than those in both France and the UK. 

The top three states by iPhone SE have large populations: California, New York, and Texas. D.C., Delaware, and Hawaii stand out as having the earliest adoption of the iPhone SE relative to population, while West Virginia, Mississippi, and Missouri are lagging. 

On the other hand, the iPhone SE continues to see demand outstrip Apple's available supply, with most stores completely out of stock and new orders advertised not to ship for a few weeks, notes AppleInsider. As of Wednesday, the fastest a new iPhone SE will arrive from Apple in the U.S. is next Tuesday, April 12, and that's just select models. Many models are unavailable until April 20, and that's with paying extra for expedited shipping.

Also, Slice Intelligence says its first online sales figures for the iPhone SE. The research group says the data— based on its panel of over four million online shoppers — shows that while fewer people rushed online to get the latest Apple smartphone than they did for the most recent launches, those who did were more likely to be new to the iPhone.

The number of iPhone SEs bought the first weekend of availability was 94% smaller than the iPhone 6S launch, which was 46% the number of iPhone 6 devices sold when it was released. Early data from Slice Intelligence indicates that the SE may help Apple grow its maturing iPhone consumer base.