Fluent: Apple Watch one year later is a hit (sort of)

The Fluent research group (www.fluentco.com) conducted 2,578 interviews of Americans nationwide, and determined that the Apple Watch is a mild hit. Key findings from the survey by the consumer acquisition platform found that:

  • Eight percent of Americans say they own an Apple Watch.
  • Those who own Apple Watches use them for a variety of purposes, however health and fitness monitoring is considered the primary purpose by a majority of owners.
  • Apple Watch owners are remarkably loyal to the product; over three in five plan to upgrade to the next edition when it comes out.
  • Current Apple Watch owners are purchasing for convenience and features. Fashion and affordability are greater concerns for those who are not early adopters.
  • Apple product users, notably iPhone users, are most likely to purchase an Apple Watch in the next year.
  • The public is about equally divided on whether the Apple Watch is a successful product and whether the majority of Americans will use a smartwatch ten years from now.

This survey was conducted online within the U.S. by Fluent, LLC on April 5, 2016, among 2,578 American adults (aged 18 and up). Respondents were randomly selected, and the findings are at a 95% confidence level with a margin of error of +/- 1.9% and higher for subgroups. 197 (margin of error of +/-7.0%) respondents said they owned Apple Watches. Due to rounding, percentages may not always add up to 100%. Fluent’s proprietary ad serving technology includes a real-time survey module that was used to facilitate the data collection for this study.