Fashion Friday: my T-shirt from the launch of Sherlock

Over the years, I’ve collected lots of nifty T-shirts from trade shows I’ve covered — mainly the late, lamented Macworld Expos held in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, and Paris. Over the next few weeks I’ll be “modeling” some of the items in my collection.

The one pictured today is from the launch of Sherlock. a file and web search tool introduced with Mac OS 8.5. It could search for local files and file contents and used the same basic indexing code and search logic found in AppleSearch, Apple’s client/server search engine unveiled in the “classic” (before OS X) Mac operating system in 1994.

Sherlock extended the system by allowing the user to search for items through the Web through a set of plugins that harnessed existing web search engines. Sherlock was replaced by Spotlight and Dashboard in Mac OS X 10.4, although Apple continued to include it with the default installation. 

It was officially retired and removed in the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in 2007. Installing Leopard deleted the app from your Mac. And all mention of the product vanished from Apple’s website.