Look to the future (I mean, the present), Apple, and add 4K support to the Apple TV

The fourth gen Apple TV didn’t offer 4K support, but, hopefully, that will change by the fifth generation model.

According to data from Strategy Analytics (www.strategyanalytics.com), nearly 50% of U.S. homes will own a 4K TV by 2020. Apple might as well look to the future. The research group says:

Shipments of 4K/Ultra HD TVs grew 633% in 2014 to reach 12.1 million units with Asia Pacific accounting for 75% followed by North America (12%) and Western Europe (11%).

Global shipments of Ultra HD TVs more than doubled in 2015 to 27.5 million units and more than 100 million will be shipping annually by 2018.

Sixty percent of all Ultra HD TVs shipped globally in 2014 were 50-inch or larger in size, while a quarter of all 50-inch and larger TVs that shipped were Ultra HD.

Sub 50-inch Ultra HD TVs became widely available in 2015 and the sub 50-inch category will account for the majority of Ultra HD TV shipments globally by the end of 2016.

"Ultra HD will become the standard resolution for virtually all large screen TVs within three to four years' time and we will see it penetrate further into smaller screen sizes as manufacturing efficiencies improve," says David Watkins, Service Director, Connected Home Devices, Strategy Analytics.