DoBox Kickstarter: A portable wireless dock

Despite having had a string of bad luck with crowdfunded projects, I'm still a huge fan of Kickstarter and Indiegogo One of the latest concepts to catch my attention is DoBox, a portable wireless dock for Apple devices. The DoBox project is currently 62% funded with 25 days to go, and this is one project that I think a lot of Apple fans will be excited about.

The DoBox features a micro-USB port to charge it, as you can take it anywhere with you to charge up your iOS devices with an internal 5000 mAh Li-ion battery. Next, there's a 3.5mm jack for headphones or speakers, an HDMI output for connecting your iPad or iPhone to any monitor, a pair of USB ports, and even an Ethernet connection. What would you need an Ethernet port for? Well, DoBox is also a Wi-Fi router. There's also a micro-SDHC card reader, and 32GB of internal storage for those movies or files you don't want to have taking up valuable space on your iOS device.

The DoBox itself is tiny; 18 x 125 x 125mm (.71 x 4.92 x 4.92 inches), weighing just 292 grams (10.3 ounces). There's one item in the video that probably won't make it to the finished product because it's a stretch goal -- that's the built-in Apple Watch charger. But the rest of the capabilities are well worth the expected $149 price tag.

Potential backers can get in on the action now for about $155. You'll have to wait until at least March of 2017 to get your hands on the DoBox, but if it makes it through this funding drive, it will be well worth the wait.