Siri might just be a SABR member with its new baseball knowledge

For many years, my wife and I have been members of SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research. The group is full of what we fondly call "baseball nerds," those people who can rattle off stats for teams or players, or who have a deep interest in the history of the game. Well, Siri has received an update for the start of the 2016 baseball season and it now has a very impressive grounding in baseball stats for the past and present.

Since Siri's inception, it has usually returned requests for stats with the "here's what I found on the web" push to a bunch of website results. Now the statistics show up as native results. Asking Siri questions like "How many home runs did Mark McGwire's hit in his career?" or "What was Ted Williams lifetime batting average?" now gives you fast and accurate answers.

Siri also now provides league-level answers for 29 different baseball leagues, not just Major League Baseball. Once the seasons begin for the minors, you'll be able to get scores for everything from the Pacific Coast League (yay, Isotopes!) to the Gulf Coast League as well as leagues like Nippon Pro Baseball.

Have fun annoying your friends with your new-found baseball knowledge, courtesy of Siri.