Drobo adds secure remote access with myDrobo, Drobo Access

Owners of Drobo devices already know just how powerful the BeyondRAID boxes are, but until now, it’s been difficult to access all of that storage securely from a remote location. Today Drobo announced myDrobo and DroboAccess, two services for Drobo 5N and Drobo B810n Network Attached Storage (NAS) that provide secure remote data access to data and DroboApps that are running on the devices.

To start with, myDrobo is a DroboApp that runs on either of the two supported Drobo boxes, providing end-to-end encryption of data at a unique URL. For example, let’s say AWT has a massive Drobo B810n with about 64TB of total storage (we don’t…). We could flip on the myDrobo app with one click, do some fast configuration, and then have access to our storage through AWT.mydrobo.com or something similar. 

From a desktop or laptop, users can then get to files remotely through a web browser using Drobo Access at that URL files can be set up as read-only or with full read/write privileges, there’s an option for further password protection, and even a way to set an expiration date on a shared file or folder. Drobo Access can be used as a “dropbox” of sorts for files uploaded by other users. 

The encryption is pretty impressive, with each Drobo device encrypting the data with a unique 2k SSL certificate. By comparison, iCloud uses only 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. As a file is received by the web browser or a mobile device, it’s decrypted automatically.

That’s the other big announcement: a Drobo Access app for iOS is in App Store review right now, and an Android app is available on Google Play immediately. Those mobile apps will have a price tag of $0.99 in order to fund further development and improvement. The myDrobo and Drobo Access capabilities are available for free right now, and require the appropriate hardware and Drobo Dashboard 3.8.0 or later. 

As mentioned earlier, myDrobo and Drobo Access can also be used for secure access to DroboApps running on the storage device. Examples that Drobo mentions include running a totally secure WordPress server and sharing images through the free Koken Photo Library app. Both of those DroboApps are available for free.