Amazon is first, Apple third, in the 2016 RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report

The latest 2016 RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report — based on 60,000 service call requests into the computer repair and tech support company’s 1-800-RESCUE-PC hot line annually — rates the Kindle as the most trouble-free device.

However, the always-high-ranking Apple hasn’t dropped dramatically in reliability and only slightly in its rank, taking third this year. Its devices account for fewer tech support calls than most and steadily attract consumers, the Mac and MacBook Pro remaining popular alternatives to PCs.

Amazon has taken over as the most reliable brand because RESCUECOM's Computer Reliability Report now includes tablets and personal computers of all brands with a market share of over 1%. To create the ReliabilityScore,  RESCUECOM compares a brand's market share against its RepairShare, or percentage of computer repair calls received for its devices, to create a number representing its ReliabilityScore. 

Each brand receives a ReliabilityGrade as a familiar way to compare it with others, ranking from A+ to F with C, or average, considered acceptable. Each brand also receives a rank, or a numbered place on the list from the most to least reliable brand. This inclusion in this year's Computer Reliability Report of all manufacturers with a market share of at least 1% allows for more in-depth analysis and comparison enabling consumers to make better choices when purchasing new technology, according to RESCUECOM.