Ten One Designs Timeframe: A protective charging stand for Apple Watch

Apple devices never have a shortage of accessories, and one year after the debut of the Apple Watch, we're seeing a flood of unique products for the smartwatch. One of those devices is the $24.95 Timeframe (available in 38mm and 42 mm versions, affiliate links), a charging stand unlike any other we've seen for the Watch so far.


Most Apple Watch charging stands are a variation on a common theme -- something elevated (or flat) that a Watch owner strings his or her charging cable through, with a place to put that magnetic charging puck. 

With the elevated models, there's an issue -- if there's no way to tighten the wristband, the Watch can be knocked off by motion or a curious cat. The flat models, including Apple's ridiculously-overpriced $79 Magnetic Charging Stand, make it difficult to see the Watch at night on some nightstands. Both types have a common issue in that they don't protect the Watch from the occasional drop from nightstand to floor. 

Enter the Timeframe. At first glance, it looks like a comically oversized protective shell for the Apple Watch. As with the other charging stands, Watch owners use the charging cable included with the Watch. That "puck" goes into a circular niche in the Timeframe and the cable is routed one way or another through a short channel. The channel and charging puck reside behind an easily-removed TPE cover.

The removable cover that hides the Apple Charging Cable

The removable cover that hides the Apple Charging Cable

Next, the Apple Watch slides into the black silicone Timeframe with its screen peering out a "window" on one side and the watchband sides going out of slots on either end. There your Watch sits fully protected and in Nightstand mode while charging, with the time, date, charging status and any alarm settings available with just a nudge. 

To remove the Watch first thing in the morning, there's a blue plastic lever on the bottom. One quick flip of the lever and the Watch slides out of the Timeframe, ready for another day on your wrist.

Eject! Eject! Eject! Flip the lever to pop the Apple Watch out of the Timeframe.

Eject! Eject! Eject! Flip the lever to pop the Apple Watch out of the Timeframe.


I like the way that Ten One Designs doesn't try to hide the long cable in the Timeframe. There have been a number of charging stands that attempt to wrap the cable around a central core and hide it under plastic -- if the long cable bothers you, then one of those designs will make you happy. 

My nightstand is quite a distance away from the nearest wall plug, so I need all of the cable I can get. Timeframe delivers. Even with a thin protective cover on my Apple Watch and a non-Apple leather watchband, it slides right into the Timeframe and is held snugly. With a lift of the lever the Watch pops out just far enough to get a good grip on it so I can pull it out and put it on.

Probably the thing I like the most about the Timeframe is that it really keeps the Watch in place against the charging puck like no other stand I've seen. By doing so, I don't have to worry about waking up to a partial charge on the Watch -- it always charges up to 100% now, even when one of the cats has decided to knock it onto the floor. 


The Timeframe's deceptively simple design does a great job of protecting the Apple Watch from drops from the nightstand, and it works great in showcasing the Watch's Nightstand mode. It's also small enough that it won't be a bother to travel with, unlike some of the massive stands I've reviewed in the past. My only criticism is that the price should be about $5 less; $25 is a little expensive, even if the plastic and silicone are expertly engineered.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★