Kenu's Car Kit Deluxe adds Tripline cable for universal charging

Last December as I was preparing for a long road trip, I reviewed the Kenu Dualtrip and Airframe+ Car Kit and found a lot to like. The Dualtrip ($19.95) offers two side-by-side USB charging ports in a slimline design, perfect for charging two iPhones or iPads at top speed. The Airframe+ ($29.95) is a compact and sturdy vent mount for your favorite iPhone -- the two together made my road trip a pleasure. Today Kenu announced the $59.95 Car Kit Deluxe, which builds on the Dualtrip and Airframe+ Car Kit, adding a new versatile cable called the Tripline to the mix. 

With a glance at the earlier review you can find out about two of the components of the Car Kit Deluxe, the Dualtrip and Airframe+. So what's Tripline all about? Well, you know how so many devices -- Bluetooth speakers, Kindles, cameras, etc... -- require a micro-USB cable for charging? Tripline is a Made for iPhone certified cable that provides both Lightning and micro-USB adapters in one cable. While this isn't a new idea by any means, I believe the Tripline it's the first cable of this type to achieve the MFi certification. 

What this means is that you can pack one less cable in your electronics bag. The 3 foot long Tripline (there's a 6-foot model coming soon) is long enough to stretch between the Dualtrip and the device you're charging, and with a quick pull, the Lightning adapter pops off to reveal the micro-USB adapter. 

Compared to some of the cables like this I've received from other manufacturers, Tripline has a good solid feel to it. On its own, Tripline retails for $19.95, which is on the high side for charging cables. As a kit, the Kenu Car Kit Deluxe is still somewhat pricy. However, I've found the Kenu products to be solid and long lasting, something I can't say for the many other car charging adapters or mounts that have quickly broken and been relegated to the trash can. 

Apple World Today rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★