I'll take mine with pulp (PulpMotion, that is)

By Frank Petrie

So, you're getting tire of your homemade movies and wish there was something you could use to give them more "pop." Look no further than PulpMotion from Aquafadas. The easiest way to describe this app is to think of "themes"' in iMovie on Mac OS X (10.8 or higher). Aquafadas has taken the idea of "themes" to whole new heights.

PulpMotion is an $129 collection of animations that you can drag and drop onto your existing photos or movies into to complete the theme of your choice. Themes range from gorgeous title displays to striking animations; some artistic, some dazzling computer effects. 

There is sure to be something in the selection to suit your taste. From modern computer animation to family themes to drawn animation, all themes are of high quality. You can also add music to your masterpiece, from the user, friendly title bar/tool bar.

For the icing on the orange, it seamlessly integrates with other apps and Apple devices. For example, you can even export your project directly to iPhone. And there's much, much more!

The "live" broadcast templates can take a little extra time to get the hang of. Of course, being an Apple user, I didn't touch the manual (but you should) and tried to use an advanced feature.

Pulp Motion is a fine product. If you're not the creative type, you can be now. All around, Pulp Motion is a class act, more than worth the price.

But read the manual first.