While MI Guitar gently leaps (on Indiegogo)...

Remember our post on MI Guitar last week? It's the "smart guitar" that works with an iOS app that uses easy-to-push fret buttons rather than actual strings and frets, allowing budding guitarists to play complete chords with the push of a button. Well, it's doing very well on Indiegogo, currently at 511 percent of its goal with about a thousand backers, all with 23 days left in the campaign.

I'm bringing this up again because this is such a great concept for a musical instrument, bringing guitar playing within almost anyone's reach. MI Guitar is available for just $319 (The "Early Bird II: MI Guitar" perk), and although you'll have to wait until March of 2017 to get your hands on it, back the project now and you'll be among the first to own one.

Here's that video again -- just in case you need an extra little nudge: