The PlugBug is a useful accessory for Apple’s MacBook

The recently revamped 12-inch MacBook, like the first gen model, sports a single USB-C port for both power and connectivity. That single port is necessary for the laptop's ultra-thin design, but  prevents it from charging your iOS (or any other USB device) without additional and sometimes expensive adapters. That's why if you have a MacBook, you might as well spring for the PlugBug from Twelve South.

Connect the PlugBug to the laptop's USB-C Power Adapter and you'll get back a standard USB power port. This means you can charge your MacBook and your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch simultaneously. The PlugBug comes in two models, one of which is designed for the world traveler.

The standard PlugBug costs US$34.99 and is a bright red, 2.1-Amp USB wall charger that attaches to, and converts, any MacBook Power Adapter into a dual charger. That's right; it's not just limited to Apple's newest Mac portable. It's compatible with current and previous MacBook Power Adapters, so will work just fine with your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

If you hop from country to country, the $44.99 PlugBug World is for you. It's an international version of the PlugBug that includes five AC plugs for worldwide use. Like its "standard" sibling, it also works just fine as a stand-alone USB charger for an iOS device.

The PlugBug, whichever model you opt for, reduces the number of cables you'll need to carry around as a new MacBook owner. It's a must-have accessory for Apple's smallest laptop.