Happy 12th birthday, iTunes Store; now it's time to split

Apple's iTunes Store celebrates its 12th birthday today. It's been a great 12 years, and iTunes on OS X has been a great success -- but now, as others have recommended, it's time to split it up.

It's simply gotten too big and awkward. What started as an app/store for buying and managing your digital music has grown, as we say in the South, too big for its britches. It's now a place to buy movies, TV shows and apps as well as music. It's an app for syncing those purchased products with iOS devices. It's an app for managing those movies, TV shows and apps, as well as managing your music. 

That's just too much to ask of one app/service. 

Apple should take a cue from the iOS interface when it comes to iTunes on Mac OS X and split iTunes into different apps. On iDevice interfaces, there are separate apps for Music, Video, App Store, iTunes U and Podcasts. Apple should make this happen on Mac OS X -- though they might call the Music app "iTunes," as that makes sense.

By splitting iTunes into several small apps, Apple could deliver more features for each one without software bloat.