Five recommended products Apple should make (and my take on ‘em)

Tom’s Guide‘s Mark Spoonauer has a list of products he thinks Apple should make. Here’s his list (and which ones Yours Truly would love to see):

A gaming Mac: Apple should create gaming-focused Macs. Apple would also be able to cater to buyers of virtual-reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive if it made a gaming-focused Mac Pro desktop. My take: I think he’s right, although I think a gaming-focused iMac is just as feasible.

An “Echo killer.” The Echo in question is the Amazon Echo speaker. Spoonauer says that since Beats Audio is now under the Apple umbrella, the company should make a smart speaker of its own that will respond to your voice via Siri to answer questions, play music and even control smarthome gadgets through Apple's HomeKit protocol. My take: this, too, is a great idea.

Apple Antivirus for OS X. OS X has faced increasing threats from malware and ransomware in recent years as Apple has stolen away more market share from Windows. Spoonauer says Apple could corner the market on protecting its users from new threats while adding to its recurring-services revenue. “Apple wouldn't call the product antivirus software, of course,” he adds. “It would have to offer more comprehensive protection and other benefits, such as robust OS X parental controls (which aren't great right now) and maybe a hardened browser for safer online shopping. OS X Protect has a nice ring to it.” My take: another great idea.

A real Apple TV — as in an HDTV set. Apple could make the smartest TV out there if it could find a way to do it at a premium (but not too premium) price. “Imagine being able to use Siri to find what to watch, both on live TV and through apps, as well as sitting back and beaming photos and videos to your set from your iPhone without needing a separate Apple TV box,” Spoonauer writes. My take: Sorry, but this ain’t gonna happen. The “iTV” ship was apparently evaluated extensively at Apple and abandoned as not worth pursuing due to the low profit margins. 

An Apple fitness tracker. The Apple Fit would expand upon the Apple Watch and offer a more focused fitness tracker that gives you a more complete picture of your health, along with an optional subscription-based workout and diet plan to help people live longer. “The Apple Fit (my name for it) could also give our physicians a clear view of our condition at any time — with the wearer's permission — and maybe even help us save on health insurance by reaching certain goals,” says Spoonauer. My take: this won’t happen, though such features will be (or should be) incorporated into future versions of the Apple Watch.