Want a car with a Mac mini and 48-inch TV? Lexani Motorcars is happy to help

Lexani Motorcars, a boutique vehicle conversion company based in California, is happy to tweak your luxury vehicle to accommodate a Mac mini and other crazy features — as long as you have deep pockets. 

The company has transformed Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, Cadillac Escalades, Toyota Land Cruisers, among other vehicles into mobile offices/entertainment centers. Last fall, the company released a Cadillac Escalade ESV conversion referred to as the Escalade Sky Captain. Today, they unveil a revisited 2016 version of the Sky Captain with a slight shift of flavor—this new one boasting a striking black and white interior with gold hardware they're calling the PIANO edition. 

In addition to the signature Lexani Motorcars features such as executive airline style tables (with 24K gold trim), suede-lined walls, a Control4 touch screen management system, an electronic front privacy partition, and entertainment functions to spare, the Sky Captain is also home to some stylistic firsts for the company. One such first is the quilted leather on their 18-way executive power seats (heat, massage, recline come standard).  

Within the interior, passengers are able to use their Mac Mini, utilize a 48-inch Samsung Curved TV for video conferencing (or entertainment), and also have an option to have a print/copy/fax machine built into their vehicle. Premium Package pricing for Lexani’s vehicle customization starts at $320,000.