Today is Baby Day; celebrate accordingly with these OS X, iOS apps

Today is Baby Day, which celebrates, well, babies. At least I think it does. I couldn’t find any info on the origin of this “holiday,” but, hey, a day that celebrates the enjoyment and care of young infants is a good thing. To celebrate, I’ve picked out three baby related apps for the Mac and three for iOS devices.

Available at the Mac App Store:

Baby Tracker is a $0.99 app that allows you track your pregnancy and estimate when the new addition will make his or her entrance into the world. You can track weight, height, head circumference, heart beat, BMI, and more.


Gestational Age is a $8.99 due date calculator. It’s designed for gynecologists and obstetricians, but can also be used by expectant moms.

Santa’s Day Care is a $0.99 game in which you, as a parent, teach your baby table manners and how to wash her clothes (hmmmm, the baby in this game must be older or more advanced than my seven-month-old granddaughter). 

Available at the Apple App Store:

If you want to use your iPhone or iPad instead of your Mac to keep track of your pregnancy, check out the free Pregnancy Due Date Calculator. Maybe Baby is a $4.99 app for those trying to get pregnant. It provides a fertility/ovulation diary, period tracker, menstrual calendar, and pregnancy/gender predictor.


Baby Day Care is a free game (but which touts in-app purchases) in which you play with babies in a day care center.