KLUG Home wants to tie all of your home automation devices together

One of my biggest gripes about home automation at this point in time is that nothing works together, so if you end up buying different devices from different manufacturers, you also end up with a pile of iOS apps with which to control those devices. KLUG Home is an Indiegogo project that launched today, planning to bring a $79 USB device to market that will serve as a "super-hub" for home automation.

The device itself looks like a USB flash drive and plugs into an available USB port on your Wi-Fi router. Next, KLUG Home connects with all smart devices in the home through a smartphone app. At this point, those devices can be controlled from iOS, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, Android and Android Wear, and IFTTT recipes can be created to control KLUG Home. 

Itraix, the company developing the device, says that a single KLUG Home can now communicate with at least 20 home automation devices, specifically any device that communicate over the ZigBee home automation protocol or are set up with Wi-Fi API. 

One caveat: it doesn't appear (at least from the company's website) that the proprietary and popular Belkin WeMo protocol is supported, nor does Z-Wave support appear to be on the table. Although the device looks promising and is one of the least expensive "hub" products we've seen, KLUG Home appears to be falling short in terms of being the "one ring to rule to them all".