Dropbox unveils "Project Infinite", storing everything without a limit on local storage

For the many users of Dropbox, there's always been that fear that what's in the cloud could be greater than the capacity of your computer's disk drive. That's especially the case with SSD-based devices like the 12-inch Retina MacBook, which can have an SSD with a capacity of as small as 128GB. Today, Dropbox took the wraps off of Project Infinite, which makes it possible for individuals or team members to "see" terabytes of files stored in the cloud as if they were stored locally, but not have to sync all of that data locally.

This is great; no longer do users with small-capacity laptops have to pick and choose what folders they want to sync with Dropbox. Instead, they see everything, and it can be opened at will. A small "cloud" icon on the file shows that it's stored in the cloud. Any file that needs to be accessed when the device is off of a network can be stored locally for easy retrieval.

There's no word on when Project Infinite will be available for Dropbox users, although it was revealed at the Dropbox Open London conference that it will initially be targeted at Dropbox Business users. Let's hope that the company decides to bring Project Infinite to consumers as well.