This is a flop? Apple Watch debut-year sales double the iPhone in its first year

Despite mixed perceptions about the Apple Watch (high-profile VC Fred Wilson has called it a “flop”) analysts reckon the the company has sold 12 million to 13 million in the year since its launch. As noted by Seeking Alpha, that’s double the 6M iPhones that were sold in its first 12 months of sales.

With an average estimated price of $500 for the smartwatch, that's a $6 billion business. I guess my definition of a “flop” is different from Wilson’s. And, of course, critics complain about the product's lack of speed, under-powered processor, limited functionality and lack of a defining purpose. I expect we’ll see some of those issues addressed with updates to the watchOS (which I expect to see unveiled at theApple Worldwide Developer Conference June) and the Apple Watch 2 (which I predict will launch in September alongside an iPhone 7).