Need wireless charging for an iPhone 5/5s/SE? Check out the Backbone Wireless Charging & Battery

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is pretty cool as it allows you to “wirelessly” charge your smartwatch without physically plugging it in. Now you can do the same with your iPhone, thanks to the Backbone Wireless Charging & Battery pack/case from Dog & Bone.

Wait. Let me back up. You can charge your Apple smartphone as long as it’s an iPhone 5/5s or new iPhone SE. Users of the iPhone 6/6s/6s Plus are out of luck.

With the Backbone case installed on your iPhone, you simply place it on the Backbone pad to charge. Thanks to the case’s modular design, you can also swap in a light battery (sold separately for $49.95) for added power. To use the battery you remove the charging receiver from the back of the phone case and replace it with the battery pack. The battery adds a 0.2-inch bump to the back of the case and provides about a 50% charge to a totally depleted handset. 

What’s more, the Backbone Wireless Charging & Battery pack/case allows you to juice up at any Qi hotspot without cables. Qi hotspots are available at many airports (such as New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport) and restaurants/cafes (such as the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chain stores).

Conveniently, the folks at Dog & Bone designed the case so that all charging portholes are exposed. This means you don’t have to remove the case to use your traditional car charger or wall charger — or to sync. If you do need to remove the Backbone, installing it again is a breeze. 

A slight ridge around the edge helps guide your phone on. You start the installation process by snapping the iPhone into the 5.4-inch tall case, which has a 3-inch tall and a 1.5-inch wide hole at the bottom. The case comes with a charging module that slides into the back, allowing the iPhone to charge on the included Qi pad.

In addition its charging features, the $109.95 Backbone Wireless Charging & Battery is designed to be shockproof. Fusing fusing rubber and plastic, it’s rugged enough to protect your iPhone from drops up to four feet. It sports a slightly raised rim to help protect the touchscreen, plus an impact resistant screen protector. As with just about all screen protectors I’ve tried, I couldn’t install this one without small bubbles appearing under the installed screen.

Considering all it does, I’m surprised that the Backbone Wireless Charging & Battery battery pack/case is as slim as it is. It only adds 10mm to the length and 5mm to the thickness of your iPhone.

I’ve paid more for bigger cases that did less, so I’m happy to give the Dog & Bone product a thumbs-up.