Today is National Pretzel Day; celebrate accordingly

Today is National Pretzel Day. To help you celebrate, I’ve rounded up some pretzel-related apps for the iPhone and iPad (sorry, but I couldn’t find any pretzel related apps at the Mac App Store).

Available for the iPhone and iPad at the Apple App Store are:

  • Sugar Cafe - Pretzel Maker. Break out your cooking skills and choose a tasty pretzel recipe. From chocolate pretzels to marshmallow pretzel salad, there are lots of recipes from which to choose. Sugar Cafe - Pretzel Make is free, but does tout in-app purchases. 
  • If you want to make “virtual” pretzels, check out Make Pretzels! In the game you drag ingredients from the kitchen and put ‘em in a bowl. You can mix, roll dough, bake, and decorate your creations. Make Pretzels! is free, but does offer in-app purchases.
  • With SuperPretzel Factory, you take over and run your very own food-making factory and make soft pretzels. The game is — you guessed it — free, but promotes in-app purchases.

And for your edification, here’s some history on National Pretzel Day: seventh century French and Italian monks rewarded children who’d learned their Bible verses with pretzels. It’s been said that the way pretzels are twisted to represent someone with their arms crossed in prayer, and that the three holes made by the twists represent the father, son and holy spirit. To back this all up, the word pretzel derives from the Latin word for "little reward" and the Italian word for "little arms.”