Ring Video Doorbell gets a Mac app

Readers who purchased a Ring Video Doorbell after reading my February review will be happy to know that the company has released a Mac app for viewing videos from your doorbell on your favorite iMac or MacBook.

The company has distributed an iOS app since day one, but for viewing videos of the FedEx guy or a burglar coming up to the front door from a Mac, users have always had to log into the company's website. Now the app can be up and running on your Mac 24/7, just a click away when you want to see who is ringing your bell.

The app is shown as a beta (version 0.50) and could use some polish -- this is the type of app that begs for menubar placement, where a click on the bar would make live video from a Ring doorbell instantly available. But it's definitely helpful to Ring-owning Mac users.