Here’s how to do a quick desktop cleanup

My Mac desktop was a mess. I had more than two dozen icons strewn about, and as often as not opened or dragged the wrong item, or dragged two or more items when I meant to only grab one. I've also dragged extra files or folders to the Trash unknowingly along with items I actually wanted to drag to the Trash.    

Here's what it looked like before I cleaned it up: 

So I decided I'd create a folder on my Desktop to hold all the things that formerly appeared right on the Desktop. I called the folder Desktop???NOT!!!, set it to icon view, and rearranged the icons just the way I like them. The result looks like this: 


I like this arrangement a lot better so far and find it less problematic than having myriad icons scattered about my desktop. 

If your desktop is a mess, give it a try. 

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