The VERT app/hardware combo may leave you feeling a bit jumpy

Do you need/want to know how high you can jump? Do you want to know enough to spend $124.99? If so, the VERT is just what you're looking for. 

It's a device worn near the waist of an athlete either by the VERT training clip or integrated within an article of clothing such as the VERT active waistband. VERT measures your jump and transmits the data to a smart phone or tablet, such as the iPhone or iPad.

To use, you'll need to charge it (two hours for the first time of use), which you can do via a USB plug that comes with the device. After it's charged, setting it up is a simple matter. Well, except for the fact that the small instruction booklet tells you to wear the VERT during "practice or game performance" and, on the very same page says that "VERT CLIP is NOT to be used during practice or game performance." 

Confusing, to say the least. However, I did wear mine while playing pick-up basketball games. If I couldn't wear the VERT during games — or, at least practice — it would be useless to me. 

You can handily see all jump measurements immediately on the VERT device — and simultaneously on your iOS with the free, downloadable VERT app or VERT coach app. 

Who needs the VERT? Basketball and volleyball players who want to improve their jumping ability. Those who incorporate rope jumping into their exercise routine. And perhaps others, though none come immediately to mind. 

The VERT does its job well enough. However, it's too pricey for your average joe, though certain types of athletes may find it invaluable. Still, the device loses points with me for the confusing instruction pamphlet.