Apple Mail, other apps could team up to be an Evernote competitor

If you use Evernote, you know it's a nifty application. Still, it has some limitations that offer a chance for Apple to do some cool stuff with its Mail app. 

But let's back up. Getting e-mails into Evernote recalls the old WordPerfect days. You have to know the correct codes to place the note into the right folder — and with the right tags. If you have a lot of folders and/or tags, things get a bit tricky. Sometimes it's simply easier to just send an e-mail to be saved to Evernote to a default folder without tags so that you don’t add more things by mistake. 

This means more work as you have to go to Evernote to add the tags and proper folder location. It would be great to have a Mail plug-in or a Safari plug-in that would allow you to handle filing while reading the e-mail.

Evernote is starting to move into the world of competition with Google and Microsoft in producing office suites. This means there's an opportunity for Apple to use Spotlight and beefed-up applications like TextEdit, Notes, Reminders, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc., and build a real Evernote competitor from all of its synergistic pieces. 

The biggest problem I see is the pricing model Apple has for on-line storage. Evernote only charges $49.99 per year for their premium plan which offers 10Gb of new uploads per month. (There’s a free plan, but it’s only for 60MB per month.)

Overall, that makes for a very affordable experience. The two biggest limitations is upload limit and the lack of optical character recognition for scanned documents.  

Apple has a chance to deal with these issues and get back to Evernote's original, basic mission. But will they?