IDC: ‘ultra-thin, portable’ products will become mainstream in the commercial market

Good news for the iPad Pro: a new analysis from the IDC research group says that “ultra-thin, portable” products will become mainstream in the commercial market, and enterprises have a growing demand for mobile office and mobile applications. 

The research group’s surveys show that the requirement for ultra-thinness and portability has become more important in enterprise customers’ product purchases. IDC predicts a notable growth of 10–13-inch ultra-thin and light products in the China market in 2016. This is mainly because “such products possess the highest price/performance ratio in terms of computing performance, mobility, and screen size suitability.” IDC lists the iPad Pro — along with the Surface Pro, the Lenovo Yoga, the Dell XPS, and the Huawei MateBook — among such desirable products.

What’s more, with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and other emerging purchase models, part of the power to make commercial purchase decisions will gradually shift to individuals. IDC says it’s “imperative for manufacturers to change the dull appearance of traditional products.” And we all know that’s one of Apple’s main strengths.