Apple issues latest ‘Report on Government Requests’

In its latest “Report on Government Requests” for user information, Apple says it received over 30,000 requests last year, and complied with up to 82% of them. U.S. law enforcement agencies had 1,015 requests for customer account information affecting 5,192 users in the second half of 2015. 

Apple says that most of the requests it receives from law enforcement relate to information about lost or stolen devices, and the company reports these as device requests. Device requests may include requests for customer contact information provided to register a device with Apple or the date(s) the device used Apple services. 

The number of law enforcement requests where Apple determined that an account request was lawful and provided content such as iCloud email, contacts, calendar, or Photo Stream content, the company says. Apple notes that it only provides user account content in extremely limited circumstances. The percentage of law enforcement requests that resulted in Apple providing some data, for example, iCloud, iTunes, or Game Center data.

Apple counts devices based on the individual serial or IMEI numbers related to an investigation. The “Report on Government Requests” overs all domestic and international requests for device and account information, as well as national security requests, received during the six-month span from July to December of 2015.