There's gold in them thar Apples!

One of the bits of information squirreled away in Apple's Environmental Responsibility Report for Fiscal Year 2015 is that Apple's recycling efforts recovered gold - a LOT of gold. 2,204 pounds of gold -- 35,264 ounces -- and at $1,235 per ounce at a recent price point, a whopping $43,551,040 worth of the precious stuff.

So what else does Apple glean from getting back your iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, iMacs and other old technology? A lot of precious and other metals. From the report, Apple also recovered 2,953,360 pounds of copper ($6,467,858), 189,544 pounds of cobalt ($2,020,539), and 6,612 pounds of silver ($1,294,035). 

Even more weight in steel (23,101,000 pounds), glass (11,945,680 pounds), and aluminum (4,518,200 pounds) was recovered. While these numbers are impressive, what is really amazing is the positive environmental impact of recovering those materials. Mining of metals is energy intensive and makes a huge impact on the land, and each time that Apple is able to keep materials from having to be mined, it decreases the amount of dirt, rock and water that are affected.