New MacBooks might be on the way, reseller stocks going fast

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It's about time for a refresh of the complete MacBook line, and AppleInsider today reported that it's beginning to look like that may happen soon. Resellers are selling the 2015 MacBook Air models at good discounts, while Best Buy has halted sales on the 12-inch Retina MacBook after a five-week sale on the tiny device.

AppleInsider provides its readers with a Mac Price Guide, and many models are shown as "sold out" at Best Buy with the product pages for the devices showing that "This item is no longer available." Usually this happens only when a Mac model is discontinued or is about to be refreshed. The website notes that MacMall is showing a similar trend, and other resellers are dropping prices on 2015 MacBook Air inventories to "fire sale" levels. 

As usual, there's no timeframe set for the announcement of new MacBook models. It could at any time, although Apple likes to use the WWDC Keynote to announce new products. At this time, no date has been set for the 2016 Worldwide Developer Conference.

For Apple World Today readers who are looking for a great deal on a MacBook and who don't necessarily need the latest model, it's a perfect time to do some shopping. 

Our Take On The News: It would make sense for Apple to eliminate the MacBook Air line and add a 14-inch model to the MacBook line as well as updating the existing 12-inch Retina MacBook with a faster processor and higher resolution FaceTime camera. Apple has traditionally streamlined its product lines to "consumer" and "pro" lines, and appears to be on the way to doing that in the iPad world. Replacing the MacBook Air with the even more lightweight MacBook makes sense - at least to us.